Immerse in foreign language content


The best way to become fluent is to watch authentic shows and videos created for native speakers.

Woodpecker is a state of the art video player packed full of features designed to help you improve your foreign language skills. Practice commonly used vocabulary, tones and accents while watching a huge library of popular shows from all over the world.

“Finally I can find lots of videos I want to watch and I have the tools to help me understand all of the dialogue”

- James Bell

Effortlessly find translations and content

Use our awesome bilingual dictionaries to look up words and interact with video subtitles and web pages. Our dictionaries are free, work offline and have no ads!

Our comprehensive bilingual dictionaries give you the part of speech, pronunciation, sample sentences and much more.


Just touch on a word


Learn vocabulary appropriate for different settings in videos designed for native speakers. Simply tap on any word you like to receive definitions in your own language.

Tap the “back one sentence” button as many times as you need to train your listening and pick up the tones and accents used by native speakers.

Browse the web

Our dictionaries work on websites as well as videos. Just touch on a word!

If you are a teacher, we can create a content code for you to send to your students. Your nominated learning materials will appear inside our web browser under your logo.


A huge range of content


Learn English using some of the world's most popular shows, with over 450 channels and 100,000 videos from the likes of TheEllenShow, TED, The Comedy Channel and National Geographic.

Immerse in Spanish, French, Mandarin and Vietnamese language content with hundreds of channels and thousands of videos. Many videos also have a second subtitle stream in English.

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Try out Woodpecker

Woodpecker is free to download and use, with thousands of videos to learn from.


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Our FAQ shows you how to get the most out of Woodpecker. If there are any questions we have missed, please email us.